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Why is this site so awesome?

Because it’s about a juice box that travels around the world! How often have you seen that? Most likely, never. Until now.


How can I participate?

Thanks for asking! Participation isn’t mandatory, but it’ll be life changing.

You’ll think of traveling and photography in a whole different light.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going somewhere local or an exotic international locale, grab a Minute Maid apple juice box, a digital camera with plenty of memory and a fully charged battery, and go!


Check out the “Help Us Out” page for full instructions.


Who are the other juice boxes and can I send you one from my country?

Great question!



the “original” and “modern” Maid Appleton with their many friends from the USA and around the world


These are juice boxes from around the world, some of which have appeared in photos with Maid Appleton.

From left to right, they are:

  • the “original” Maid Appleton (top-left)
  • the “modern” Maid Appleton (top-right)
  • Jus D’Orange (from Germany)
  • Juice Appelsaft (from Switzerland)
  • Toma Pomeranc (from Czech Republic)
  • Globi drink (from Germany)
  • Hohes C (from Germany)
  • Thirster (from Dearfield, IL, USA)
  • P’tit Vittel (from France)
  • Vittel


Maid Appleton would love the company of additional juice boxes. ┬áTo send us a juice box, see the “Contact Us” link.




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