Email 01 of 15 (Tue. 1 April, 2003)

Here is the first email. At the bottom of the email I explain the thought process and “clues”.


E-mail 1 of 15: Tuesday 1 April, 2003


Although today is April Fools Day there is no joke contained in this e-mail. In 14 more e-mails you will all receive my biggest announcement to date via e-mail. I wish I could notify each of you in person (or by phone) of this announcement at that time; however, I’ve made up my mind and decided against it. It’s not something I should “spring” upon you either, which is why you all have to wait until the 15th e-mail for the announcement.

Thanks for understanding,





14 more emails – As mentioned earlier, this initially was going to be “in 14 more days” but that would have thrown the day count off, so it became “in 14 more”.

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