Email 05 of 15 (Sat. 5 April, 2003)


E-mail 5 of 15: Saturday, 5 April, 2003

Estimado Amigos,

Many of you are wondering what’s going on and may be worried. Don’t be! Let me say that this is an extremely exciting time for me. I think we all deserve those moments don’t we?

In the past year I know several of you have had your “special moments”. There have been marriages, new home buyers, couples who are planning to get pregnant as well as those who just gave birth, some are moving within state or out of state, job opportunities, refinancing, new cars, retirements, birthdays, some beginning college, some finally graduating, baptisms and who knows what else. And I’m sure all of those decisions have made you happy.

Well this Thursday evening I’ll be heading off to the Maryland/D.C. where I’ll be when the final announcement comes out sometime on the day of the 15th e-mail.

Why there? Well it’s an important part of this step and for now that’s all you need to know. I’ll expand on that in the forthcoming e-mails.



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