Email 08 of 15 (Tue. 8 April, 2003)


E-mail 8 of 15: Tuesday, 8 April, 2003

Dudes and dudettes,

I thought I’d expand on yesterday’s e-mail a little bit and bring everyone up to date on my job. As you all recall I moved to Texas for a job with tons of opportunity for travel. And travel I did. I’ve almost been to every state and if it weren’t for this job I wouldn’t have made it to Europe, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico or Louisiana.

With a lot of travel comes a lot of different challenges. Although I’ve been happy to travel to these places I’ve been extremely lonely. Travel provided an excellent outlet to see new things but at the end of every trip I wish there would have been someone with me (other than the occasional co-worker that would go with me) to fill the void.

Last December I returned from a sweet 6-week work assignment in Germany to find out that my job was going away and that in essence I would need to re-apply for a new position in the company. Oddly enough I was actually glad to not have to travel anymore (being boxed-in first class started wearing on me) but admittedly I was scared that I might lose my job. Fortunately I ended up in our Documentation Department as a Technical Writer. This may come as a surprise to you, but I like writing a lot (which makes writing these 15 e-mails that much funner).

Anyways, now that I’m in Houston 24/7 instead of somewhere else, I’ve been able to pursue what many of you hoped I would have pursued a long time ago: a relationship. That is in large part why I am going to be in the Maryland/D.C. in two days.

I’ll expand on that relationship within a couple of days. I think you have enough to digest right now.



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