Email 09 of 15 (Wed. 9 April, 2003)


E-mail 9 of 15: Wednesday, 9 April, 2003


It seems I may have confused some of you (maybe all) by how I have been packaging these e-mails. Yes this announcement is real and I hope you can process the forthcoming information. No I am not going to appear on Survivor (although I will continue to try out til my dying day). I am not getting a dog, a ficus plant or an animal of any sort. Since I am well aware of what I am doing I have made the assumption that all of you have also known what I am up to, and thought that this juicy secret would have come out by now (and speaking of coming out I am not gay nor do I ever plan to be).

I’m very hesitant to write about the ‘”relationship” I brought up a couple of e-mails ago for fear that I may jinx it or spoil it. But I figure to not tell you about it would be stringing you along (which many of you may feel is exactly what I’ve been doing this whole time) so I will tell you although seeing is believing and a picture is worth a thousand words. {I guess I’m just cool like that}. And besides, with my luck in relationships I think if I were to jinx it, that would have long since happened.

Anyways, from mid-first fiscal quarter 2003 until now I have been doing that – pursuing a relationship. And it’s now time I take it further which explains the reason why I’m going to D.C. tomorrow.

Several of you have wondered how I’ve been adjusting to not traveling and also asked if I’ve been involved with anyone. Because I’m so shy I’ve always said “no” or quickly “changed” the subject, but it’s time to stop with those games and come clean. I hope you’ll all forgive me for not disclosing this information sooner but it’s something I’ve felt very strongly about to just not blurt it out like a drunken bum spilling his whole life story in a fermented mess.

Basically there comes a point when a person has to take it to the next level. There’s a point when e-mails or pictures are no longer adequate. Technology has been a great help in this area. If it weren’t for the internet this wouldn’t have been possible and I wouldn’t be going back east to continue to make my mental dreams a visual reality.

Au revoir!


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