Email 13 of 15 (Fri. pm, 11 April 2003)


E-mail 13 of 15: Friday night, 11 April, 2003

Kinsmen and countrymen,

Hmm, the e-mails seem to be coming closer and closer together. I originally had planned on sending one per day but quickly changed it to 15 e-mails. I started this on April Fool’s Day expecting you to think it was a joke and also mentioned 15 e-mails to have you think the joke was related to Tax Day. This has nothing to do with Tax Day.

I had an odd realization today. Of all the girls I’ve known and the time I’ve spent with them I realized I’ve spent such a small amount of time with her and felt like I’ve known so much about her. In fact I think she’s replaced Salma Hayek as the “girl of my dreams”. On a level closer to home, I think she is better than any girl I’ve ever dated. Made of sugar and spice and everything nice (well at least sugar). Far more sweeter! Cemented more firmly in her values! Knows where she’s been and where she’s going! Knows who she is and what she stands for! I never thought I’d meet anyone quite like her. And for some reason she seems to dig me.



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