Email 15 of 15 (Sun. 13 April, 2003)




E-mail 15 of 15: Sunday afternoon, 13 April, 2003

As promised, here is the much anticipated, sweet, long awaited announcement, the contents of which can no longer be held back or boxed in.

I hope none of you will think I have cried wolf because at no time have I ever written, typed or actually cried “wolf”. I live in Houston….wolves aren’t a common site on the streets so there’s no reason to cry wolf. I have cried “hey why’s it so cold” when it drops below 60 degrees, but I digress.

Anyways, many have guessed but all have been wrong.

I am not going to be on Survivor (hopefully someday I will which is why I’ll continue to apply).

I did not go back east to join the military or to hang out with Chelsea Clinton.

I am not coming out of the closet because I never went in it (except to get clothes for each day).

I have not shaved my head and joined the Hare Krishna or any cult.

I did not win the lottery (although it would be nice).

I am not moving out of state (if I do it will be a warm place).

I am not quitting my job (unless I win the lottery or make it on Survivor…or join a cult).

I am not getting a sex change.

What I am doing is simply announcing what was for sure to come. For those that know of this I hope you enjoy and for those that don’t I hope you enjoy it. And that is this…..

Today Sunday, 13 April, 2003 marks the one-year anniversary of the loss of Maid Appleton.

In memorium to her, I present to you, as friends and family…..

if that link doesn’t work try

Mind you I’m really new at this and it’s still a work in progress. Some pages may take awhile to download but I’m working on that.




I bought the rights to the website sometime last year and in Oct. 2002 I bought a “how to build a website for the totally inept” or something like that. But I never did anything. In Feb. of this year I took a web building class and w/i a week of that I started working a little here and there.

I knew it would take a long time unless I had a deadline. So instead of just picking a deadline I concocted this plan. I thought April 1st would be a great deadline to just announce it, however, as that day approached I knew I was far behind. So to buy myself time I thought I’d involve all of you in this. The original deadline was going to be April 15th so you’d think it was a joke for Tax Day.

Then while scanning and building I came across the obituary we had published in the Houston Chronicle (which is an amazing story in and of itself) and knew the deadline had to be the 13th instead of the 15th. That caused another problem. I would have to rewrite all 15 days but then the 13th doesn’t mean anything. So I changed “15 days” to “15 e-mails” to solve that problem.

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