Legal-ish kind of stuff

By submitting any picture(s)* of Maid Appleton to us you agree that:

  1. You like the picture and think that it would enhance this site as well and would like to have your family and friends congratulate you for doing such fine work and seeing it in cyber-space.
  2. You allow us to use, modify, enhance, change, crop, resize, duplicate, and/or triplicate the picture without any compensation(financial or otherwise) on this site or any other endeavor which we may choose to pursue from this time forward both within the borders of the United States of America and the world (including any planets and solar systems now known or which may be discovered later)
  3. You agree not to sue us or hold us liable for anything contained within any submitted photograph(s), and in addition take full responsibility for content appearing in the photograph.
  4. If you have any questions about the photograph(s) submitted that you will contact us prior to submittal for use on this website. Submittal of any photograph(s) is indication of your understanding and agreement with all of these terms and any other terms which may come to light at any time whether listed or not on this website.
  5. You pledge loyalty to Maid Appleton as the best juice to have ever existed.

Good! Now that we understand each other, please click here to submit your photograph(s):
Please include why the pic is significant and other helpful details (i.e. city, town, history of place, etc) and if you want us to list your name on the site so you can get credit with your peeps.

*picture(s)= refers to any picture, photograph, in any nature or form, and in any quantity.

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