2003 Maid Appleton updates


12/17/03 — Hawaii gets a face-lift with pics at Maui, Hana and Kaua’i.
12/16/03 — Oregon is now available with pics at Crater Lake.
12/16/03 — California now has more pics in the Los Angeles area.
11/07/03 — England now has more pics, specifically the town of Tintagel.
08/21/03 — Alaska pics now available.
08/19/03 — Duke University and Kitty Hawk pics now available in the North Carolina section.
07/04/03 — States by Population and States by Area comparisons available from each state’s page.
07/04/03 — Belize page finally released. This is a must see! The, uh, water is beautiful!!!
06/29/03 — Sweden and Norway pages available.
June ’03 — Scanning in all miscellaneous pictures.
05/22/03 — West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland pages now available.
05/21/03 — Softer backgrounds on most every page (trying to get rid o’ that dark green color).
05/18/03 — England links now working; Bath and Stonehenge now available.
05/18/03 — Softer backgrounds for Florida and Georgia.
05/18/03 — Scotland page now available.
05/18/03 — Mexico page updated w/ pics of Chichen Itza and Cozumel.
05/17/03 — Wisconsin pics released.
05/14/03 — Link on front page to see Collin’s Survivor 8 Application and more about Collin.
04/26/03 — The following pages have softer backgrounds for better viewing: obituary page, New Mexico, and California
04/26/03 — The “What’s New” page.
04/13/03 — Maidappleton.com is launched for the whole world to see.




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