2004 Maid Appleton updates


12/30/04 — Maid finally makes it “Out of Africa” with a visit to Kenya. Warriors and giraffes included!
12/30/04 — Maid Appleton knocks out visits to South Carolina and Idaho. Only 5 states left!!!
12/30/04 — The Netherlands gets its 2nd pic at the Amsterdam Airport.
12/30/04 — Pics of beach houses: Michael Jordan and the guy who directed King Kong in Wilmington, NC.
12/04/04 — Maid Appleton meets Jerry O’Connell in Houston.
10/10/04 — Maid Appleton turns Pirate for a day and makes it to Alabama and Mississippi.
10/09/04 — New pics in the Celebrity section: Amy Henry (The Apprentice) and Justin Wilcock (Olympic Diver).
07/17/04 — Hot spots as Monaco, Frejus (Southern France), and Wyoming pics finally added.
04/17/04 — Virginia pics finally added with both Arlington and Sperryville.
04/16/04 — Florida is updated with new pics in Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, and Key West.
04/13/04 — Maidappleton.com celebrates one year in cyber-space!
04/10/04 — The highly anticipated Celebrity section is now available.
03/14/04 — Chile is brand new and South Dakota and Florida get additional pics added.
03/13/04 — Kentucky and Indiana pages are now available.
03/12/04 — Ohio is now available with pics at Canton.



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