2010 Maid Appleton updates


06/25/10 — Added Switzerland. Updated Kansas with the Wichita Boathouse.
06/24/10 — Added/updated Houston, Houston Sports teams, Huntsville, Sam Houston National Forest in Texas.
06/23/10 — Added/updated Dallas, Dallas Cowboys, Dealey Plaza, Tomball, and San Jacinto Monument in Texas.
06/22/10 — Added/updated Provo, Ogden, Logan, Temple Square, and miscellaneous SLC in Utah.
06/21/10 — Added Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Inglewood, Los Angeles, and Boxer-Wachler C3R photos in California.
06/20/10 — Added San Luis Talpa, la Gran Via, Monte Plaza, Plaza Barrios, San Martin, and San SalvadorEl Salvador photos.
06/19/10 — Added Puerta del Diablo, downtown, El Boqueron, animals, and Alejandro Cotto museum photos in El Salvador.
06/18/10 — Added Ataco La Mirador, Costa Azul, San Andreas Ruins, Suchitlan, and Suchitoto, photos in El Salvador.
06/17/10 — Added Museum of the Dominican Man, Museum of Modern Art, art, botanical garden (w/ museum and Japanese area) in Dominican Republic.
06/16/10 — Added Ruins, El Conde, National Pantheon, Independence Park, and plaza in Dominican Republic.
06/15/10 — Added Sosua Beach, Juan Dolio, Presidential Palace, and miscellaneous photos in Dominican Republic.
06/14/10 — Added Ocean World, Fort Luperon, and POP airport in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
06/13/10 — Added the Amber Museum, the teleferico, and the malecon in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
06/12/10 — Added the Sto. Dgo. LDS Temple, and Los Tres Ojos Dominican Republic.
06/11/10 — Added Billini Street, Fort Ozama, in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

06/10/10 — Added the Zoo, Acropolis Mall, subway, and the malecon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
06/09/10 — Added Hogle Zoo, USU, Ensign Peak, and the “Lion House” in Utah.

06/08/10 — Updates to Lake Havasu, Tombstone, Grand Canyon, and a U2 concert in Arizona.
06/07/10 — Update Montana with photos of Glacier National Park.
06/06/10 — Clean up nesting issues in html pages.
06/05/10 — Finish categorizing and reviewing photos.
06/02/10 — Visit to Hyde Park in London, England.
06/01/10 — First visit to Alberta, Canada.
05/17/10 — Start categorizing photos (1,000+ to review).

05/16/10 — Found additional photos for Vicksburg, Mississippi.
05/15/10 — Update Utah with Draper, UVU in Orem, and Antelope Island State Park.
05/14/10 — Add Reno. Updated Texas page with Ice Show in Grapevine, TX, Houston Auto Show, and Hurricane Ike in N.W. Houston.
05/11/10 — Update Ohio, with Greenville and Logan county.
05/10/10 — Add U2 photos in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Celebrity. Oh yeah, it’s also Bono’s 50th birthday!!
05/09/10 — Add Costa Rica page.
05/07/10 — Work on calendar.
05/03/10 — Updating structure of pages, folders, etc.
05/02/10 — Start cataloging photos (over 2,000 to review).
05/01/10 — Start converting MaidAppleton.com to Dreamweaver (as opposed to old-school html).
04/30/10 — Organize new folder structure.
04/13/10 — Maidappleton.com celebrates seven years in cyber-space!




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