Maid Appleton @ Fairbanks, Alaska



Pipeline map of Alaska – [Photo: Scott and Karen J.]


Mileage post-sign at Alyeska Pipeline – [Photo: Scott and Karen J.]


“Pigs in the Pipeline: Devices called ‘pigs’ improve the flow of oil through the trans Alaska pipeline and monitor its condition. Pigs are launched and retrieved at pump stations and travel through the pipeline with the moving oil. The orange polyurethane sample in this pipe segment is a cleaning and flow improvement pig. Other more sophisticated pigs use magnetic fields and ultrasonic signals to detect small changes in the pipe’s wall thickness and shape. Pigs are among the most important tools available for protecting the pipeline and detecting potential problems.” – [Photo: Scott and Karen J.]


“Retired Pig” – [Photo: Scott and Karen J.]


“19 ounce nugget: 25th largest nugget ever found in Alaskan Gold Fields – Discovered at the Silverado Gold Mine in Interior Alaska July 1995, $40,000.00” – [Photo: Scott and Karen J.]


Paddleboat – [Photo: Scott and Karen J.]





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