Maid Appleton @ Kamas, Utah


Ut Kamas 175003

“Smith and Morehouse Dam and Reservoir – Constructed and operated by Weber Basin Water Conservancy District – Wasatch National Forest, Smith and Morehouse Recreation Area”



Ut Kamas 175010

“Smith and Morehouse Dam, Reservoir, and Campgrounds – Constructed by Weber Basin Water Conservancy District”



Ut Kamas 175033



Ut Kamas 175651



Ut Kamas 174019

“Beaver Springs Ranch”



Ut Kamas 163321



Ut Kamas 170303



Ut Kamas 170140



Ut Kamas 165009



Ut Kamas 164904



Ut Kamas 164842



Ut Kamas 163723



Ut Kamas 163730



Ut Kamas 162838



Ut Kamas 162804



Ut Kamas 163718



Ut Kamas Misc 00165






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