Hogle Zoo

Maid Appleton @ Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah


Ut Slc Zoo 01a

“Utah’s Hogle Zoo”



Ut Slc Zoo 02


Ut Slc Zoo 02a

Monument at entrance to Hogle Zoo



Ut Slc Zoo 14

“Do you measure up?”



Ut Slc Zoo 13

Statue of Gorgeous the gorilla



Ut Slc Zoo 11

“Gorgeous ~ 1949 – October 2000”



Ut Slc Zoo Info 11

“Gorgeous ~ 1949 – October 2000 ~ Gorgeous was one of Hogle Zoo’s best known and most beloved animals. Age-related vision problems made her world blurry, but pioneering eye surgery restored color and form to her life. Living to age fifty, she was the oldest known female western lowland gorilla. She met children with curiosity, and brought smiles to all who visited her. We celebrate and honor her with this remembrance.”



Ut Slc Zoo 12




Ut Slc Zoo 10a

Giraffe enclosure



Ut Slc Zoo 09

Black bear enclosure



Ut Slc Zoo 08

Rhino enclosure



Ut Slc Zoo 07

Elephant enclosure



Ut Slc Zoo 06

Elephant enclosure



Ut Slc Zoo 05

Elephant head statue



Ut Slc Zoo 04

“Hogle Zoo” signs



Ut Slc Zoo 03

Utah’s Hogle Zoo entrance monument






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